ART & EWRM Solutions

Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions

We work with our stakeholders that involves the clients, intermediaries, insurers and reinsurers in structuring customised alternative risk transfer solutions that involves the client (insured)‘s participation on the risk to be insured. The level of retention (self-insurance limit) by the client is generally determined by the balance sheet size as well as the level of appetite by the client to retain part of the risk. The risk management practices in place to mitigate the frequency and impact of losses on the client’s business operations are also a key determining factor. We arrange the reinsurance protection with reputable reinsurers in the domestic, regional and international markets to protect the client against abnormal losses of a catastrophic nature to ensure the business sustainability of our clients.

Enterprise Wide Risk Management Solutions

We also work hand in hand with our stakeholders in providing EWRM solutions that helps organisations to manage their risks as a whole. Our approach to EWRM support is to ensure that it effectively manage uncertainty, respond to risk and exploit business opportunities as and when they arise.

Property & Casualty Risks Political Violence – Full Cover
Engineering Risks Political Risks
Rolling Stock Agricultural Insurance Risks (Crops & Domestic Animals)
Bonds & Guarantees Layered Risks (Primary & Excess Layer)
Aviation & Airport liabilities Marine Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions Medical Malpractice Risks
Security cluster risks Environmental Liability Risks
Energy lines (oil & gas) Cyber/Fraud Risks
Kidnap & Ransom Other Specialty Lines (UL, D&O, PI & DIC)